Refractometer for transparent liquids

In practical engineering and industrial production, can get the data on rheological behavior of liquids  by online measurement of liquid concentration in the production process, which has important guiding value for predicting the process control, transportability and operability of products in products process control.

Liquid properties are often related to other properties such as color, density, stability, solid content and molecular weight changes, and the most convenient and sensitive way to detect these properties is on line liquid concentration test.

MVS02-ST series is a low-cost liquid concentration sensor products, designed for online measurement of transparent liquid concentration. The environment temperature of the MVS02-ST series products is 5-60 ℃ and the temperature of the liquid measured is between 0-80℃.It is suitable for pipe or box installation, also support customized installation.

MVS02-ST series products adopt immersion measurement mode, and output data by RS485 communication mode. After the meter is powered on, the default is online measurement mode, and the liquid concentration is measured every 5 seconds. MVS02-ST,the transparent liquid refractometer, can be widely used in processing/food/beverage/pharmaceutical/chemical and other industries.

Working Principle: It consists of the light source, sapphire refraction, optical receiver and signal modulation circuit composition.The stability of the light signal from light source through the sapphire and contact measured medium, produces a corresponding refractive index by the concentration of the measured medium.Then optical receiver will calculate the refractive index by collected the refraction of light and get the corresponding concentration by data algorithm.Since concentration is affected by temperature, the internal temperature calibration is used to reduce the influence of temperature drift.


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