In life and scientific research, we often encounter highly transparent liquids, such as pure water, ethanol, etc, as well as a variety of liquid solutions with high transparency, such as water and ethanol. These highly transparent liquids are widely used in medical and health care, industrial production, chemical synthesis, electronic device production and other fields.

MSDR-GS is a refractometer product by the physical optical method to measure the refractive index i.e.using the transmission principle to measure liquid concentration, using the light through the medium (or by the medium reflection), the phase change of the transmitted light (or the change of the polarization state of the reflected light) ,suitable for measuring the concentration of transparent liquid.

Applied Range

MSDR-GS is used for real-time continuous monitoring of soluble solid content (Brix value) of transparent liquid in production line.

Widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, can be used for concentration/moisture/mixing ratio of the final product during the dilution process, mixing process, can also be used for on-line cleaning process effect monitoring.

1.Real-time monitoring of soluble solids (Brix) in transparent beverage manufacturing enterprises.

2.Continuous monitoring of soluble solids content in evaporation, dissolution, mixing, dilution, extraction and other processes.

3.The real-time concentration detection for all kinds of transparent industrial solution, such as: cleaning liquid, release agent 

4.The concentration detection for all kinds of transparent aqueous solution (food, sauce, beer, wort, beverage, juice, pharmaceutical concentrate, chemical solution, slurry and so on).


Product Model MSDR-GS
Measuring Range Brix 0.0~90.0%     Refractive Index 1.3330-1.4655


Measurement Accuracy

Brix0.1    RI 0.0001   Temperature 0.1C

(Brix) +0.1%   Refractive Index +0.0001  Temperature +0.5C

Environment Temperature 0-60°C
Measuring Temperature 0-100°C (ATC0-60°C)
Measuring Time once every five seconds by default 
Power DC 24V Power
Protection Level Wet Part touching test liquid IP67
Net Weight ≈900g
Data Interface 4~ 20m Aanalog Output、RS485 Digital Output
Product Feature compact, convenient, cost-effective, appearance and access mode can be customized.
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