The rookie group made a perfect appearance at CISILE 2017, and the innovative quality of the leading Lijia was praised

On April 6-8, 2017, the 15th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2017) was grandly held in Beijing • National Convention Center, and Linghang Lijia brought a full line of products to perfection.
         During the exhibition, as a rookie in the field of domestic intelligent measurement, Linghang Lijia's products attracted many domestic and foreign professionals to stop and negotiate.


Among them, the flagship single product MSDR-S series of miniature refractive index sensors launched by Linghang Lijia has received special attention from all parties. This product is not only small in size, easy to install, can realize endoscopic measurement, but also supports customized installation, which is widely used in various industrial production fields.


This exhibition is not only a high-quality channel for product display and publicity, but also a good platform for senior industry professionals to communicate and cooperate with each other. The staff of Linghang Lijia warmly received these professional audiences at home and abroad, and carefully introduced and demonstrated the technical features and applications of Linghang Lijia's latest products, which won unanimous praise from the audience.

We are very pleased to be recognized by everyone. At the same time, as a national cutting-edge enterprise in the field of domestic intelligent measurement, we also deeply feel the great responsibility.
         For many years, my country's domestic intelligent measuring instrument market has been monopolized by a few foreign brands, and domestic instruments have few followers. In the vast overseas market, the brand influence of China's intelligent measuring instruments is still the biggest shortcoming.
         In the future, the internationalization of intelligent measurement products made in China requires us to open up, and the dreams of "Made in China" and "Rise of China" need to be fully realized by us.
         So, pilot Lijia, come on! ! !

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