Beginning of the Edge-Leading Lijia Shanghai Biochemical Exhibition

The 8th Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition was successfully concluded last week, and Linghang Lijia appeared in this exhibition as a rookie in the field of domestic intelligent measurement. Relying on the four latest refractometer products, Linghang Lijia made its first appearance in the three-day exhibition, attracting the special attention of many domestic and foreign professionals.


At the exhibition site, the staff of Linghang Lijia not only introduced the four innovative products to the audience in detail, but also actively negotiated business with new and old customers at home and abroad with a professional attitude, and learned about the frontier technology trends at home and abroad. Our enthusiastic, meticulous and professional service has won wide recognition from customers and an opportunity for subsequent stable cooperation.


The participation in the Shanghai Biochemical Exhibition is only a solid step for leading Lijia to the international market. In the future, we will keep our mission in mind, continue to inherit the spirit of craftsmanship, and let more cross-industry innovative intelligent measurement products go to a broader market and serve more Many industries make "Created in China" the pride of the nation!

Meet in 2018

We have agreed that in two years, Linghang Lijia will meet you at the Shanghai Biochemical Exhibition in Munich! At that time, Linghang Lijia will bring you more surprises, so stay tuned!

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